Clinical Testing

Example of clinical / industrial microbiology supplies available from Ngaio DiagnosticsNgaio has an excellent range of products for clinical and industrial laboratories.

Ngaio sources products from well recognised market leading companies.

Pro-lab Diagnostics, Microgen Bioproducts and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical company are good examples of reliable, well proven brands.

Ngaio also supplies reagents and test kits from some smaller companies. Please contact Ngaio for any test kits or reagents.

Our clinical testing suppliers are:

BÜHLMANN is the leading calprotectin company, offering the broadest calprotectin product range on the market. Buhlmann are also specialists in specific Cellular Allergy, Neuroimmunology, and Clinical Chemistry products.
Great Basin Corporation
Great Basin Corporation is dedicated to developing simple yet powerful point-of-care technology and products that improve automation, throughput, scalability, reliability and ease-of-use in rapid diagnostic testing.
Hiss Diagnostics GmbH (Germany)
Hiss Diagnostics supply a wide range of EIA test kits including market leading EBV diagnostics.
Key Scientific
Key Scientific manufacture a wide range of test discs, carbohydrate fermentation tests and general micro reagents for clinical, veterinary and industrial labs. Examples include PYR discs, butyrate discs and VP test reagents.
Linkseas Trading Company (Taiwan)
Calibrated nichrome inoculating loops (Bactiloops). Calibrated nichrome inoculating loops with light weight alloy handles (Bactistreakers).
Microgen Bioproducts
A range of quality microbiology products including Bacterial Identification Systems, Rapid Culture Confirmation assays and the new Path-Chek rapid method for detection of potential pathogens from surfaces.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (Japan)
AnaeroPack™ System. Water free. Catalyst free. The complete atmospheric gas generating system for microbiology. Sole authorised distributor for New Zealand.
Pro-Lab Diagnostics
Pro-Lab Diagnostics manufacture the market leading Prolex™ rapid latex agglutination systems including Prolex Blue Strep, Prolex Staph and Prolex E.coli 0157. Pro-Lab also manufacture the Microbank™ Bacterial Preservation System, Legionella Direct Detection and Identification Reagents and other products for microbiology.
Rayto (China)
Rayto manufacture quality clinical laboratory instrumentation including an automated Microplate Washer and Microplate Reader.
SA Scientific (USA)
A wide range of high quality, one step, rapid tests for fertility and infectious disease.
Savyon Diagnostics (Israel)
Specialising in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of diagnostic kits for infections and genetic diseases. Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Bordatella Pertussis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Scientific Device Laboratory (USA)
Scientific Device Laboratory - Innovations in Parasitology, Microbiology, Mycology, Mycobacteriology and Printed Slides.
A wide range of antisera for Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia and Coli diagnosis. Test reagents are composed of a mixture of rabbit antisera and monoclonals or solely of monoclonals. Sifin also supply Blood Grouping reagents, Culture Media, Additives and Supplements.
Ultimed (Belgium)
Ultimed products supply a wide range of rapid drugs of abuse test products, including saliva drugs of abuse tests. Ultimed also stock a range of other rapid tests including rapid LH (ovulation tests).
Rapid immunochromatographic diagnostic for Faecal Occult Blood utilising a monoclonal antibody for human haemoglobin.