Molecular Biology

Example of molecular biology supplies available from Ngaio DiagnosticsContact Ngaio to discuss your molecular biology lab requirements. DNA and RNA extraction kits from Zymo Research, taq’s and pre-mix from Intron Biotechnology, transfection reagents from Mirus, NGS reagents, and the list goes on.

We also supply Thermal Cyclers. Please contact Ngaio for more details.

Our molecular biology product suppliers are:

ACTGene strives in manufacturing excellence by delivering high quality life science products into the hands of our laboratory scientists worldwide.
Bioer Technology
Thermal Cyclers including Real Time, Shaking Incubator and Heating/Cooling Blocks.
Bioo Scientific
Bioo Scientific, founded in 2003, is a rapidly expanding biotech company located in Austin, Texas. For all Next Generation sequencing reagents.
Chunlab offer a comprehensive range of NGS services utilising the most advanced NGS platforms. Chunlab also offer in-depth bioinformatics analysis via their suite of point and click software solutions. This means you no longer need to rely on bioinformatics specialists or wait for data – the power to discover has been put back into your hands.
Enzynomics produce over 150 high purity enzymes, consisting of approximately 100 restriction endonucleases, 10 DNA polymerases and 40 modifying enzymes. They also manufacture a number of kits for cloning, mutagenesis and diagnostic PCR.
Gerbion provides molecular diagnostics solutions from sample to result in infectious disease testing. Gerbion nucleic acid extraction kits can be used for a broad range of sample materials. Their real time PCR and real time RT-PCR kits contain all of the reagents in ready-to-use mixes.
InCella have developed new patented technologies and are rapidly expanding their repertoire of novel chemicals and reagents for the transfection of diverse cells.
iNtRON Biotechnology
A full range of molecular biology products for research.
OptiGene has developed innovative products that support sensitive and specific detection of bacteria and viruses for use in the fields of plant health, food safety, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and healthcare.
PluriSelect is a German biotech company that produces cell and protein separation systems for research & development as well as for diagnostics.
Zymo Research (USA)
Innovative tools to make simple, rapid, ultra-pure nucleic acid purification possible from a wide variety of samples. EZ DNA Methylation Kit™, a precise and accurate tool for determining DNA methylation status.