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Restaurant Chlorine Sanitizer Test Strips, 0-300 ppm


Restaurant Chlorine Sanitizer Plastic Test Strips, 0-300 ppm [Moisture Wicking Vial of 100 Strips]

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Perfect for testing chlorine / bleach sanitizers used in restuarants

  • Industry leading rapid, easy to use test that takes UNDER 10 SECONDS

  • Extra Vivid color spectrum enables you to determine your chlorine concentration with ease like never before

  • These are NOT for pool OR tap water tests. They ARE designed specifically for restaurants testing their chlorine sanitizers

The Mid-Level Chlorine test strip provides an easy way to accurately measure Free Chlorine in increments of 0, 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300 ppm. It is just like our extra vivid 0-200 strips EXCEPT it has a color block at 300 which is ESSENTIAL if you need to make sure your solution is not over 200 ppm. Now packed in a moisture wicking desiccated vial, ensuring accurate readings even in humid and damp conditions. This test strip produces a distinct color change over the entire range from blue to brown to orange. This is a great alternative to our Chlorine Test Paper as it is a more accurate measurement of free chlorine, easier to read, and the plastic strip enables you to keep your hands farther away from the solution. Fast, accurate free (available) chlorine testing in seconds-simply dip & compare to color chart.

Immerse the test strip in the sample and remove immediately.
Hold strip level (do not shake off excess sample).
Compare to the color chart between 5 and 10 seconds after removing the strip from the sample.

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