Hygiena Alertox Sticks – Casein

SKU: KT-5772, KT-5781
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AlerTox Sticks Casein, a reliable test kit for the detection of milk

AlerTox Casein is an easy way to check ingredients and surfaces for allergenic dairy proteins. This shelf-stable kit can detect as little as 2.5ppm casein in foods, ingredients, and also on surfaces.

Testing for milk proteins takes less than 15 minutes and only basic measuring equipment is required. The AlerTox Casein kit has been validated against a variety of matrices including: chocolate cakes and cookies, baby food, soy products, medications, cereals and other grains, baked products, meats, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. AlerTox Sticks Casein Features:

  • Specific to casein (Beta-lactoglobulin kits available on request)
  • Highly sensitive, to 2.5ppm casein
  • Shelf-stable and easy to store and ship
  • Validated against a variety of matrices