Hygiena GlutenTox ELISA Sandwich

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Biomedal GlutenTox ELISA kits are two immunoabsorbent assays for detection and quantification of the toxic fraction of gluten in food and beverages: GlutenTox ELISA Sandwich and GlutenTox ELISA Competitive.

GlutenTox ELISA Sandwich contains two different antibodies (G12 and A1) that recognize different epitopes within the gliadin 33-mer peptide, the most immunogenic fragment of gluten that triggers Celiac Disease.

GlutenTox ELISA Competitive contains the G12 anti-gliadin antibody that specifically recognizes the most immunogenic epitopes of gluten, and is specially designed for gluten detection in hydrolyzed food.

Features and intended uses:

  • Specific to the immunotoxic fraction of gluten from wheat, rye, barley and oat.
  • No cross reactivity with any safe food for celiacs, including soy, rice and corn.
  • Unique method to detect potential toxic oats.
  • Gluten free food quality control of final products.
  • Monitoring of gluten detoxification.
  • Implementation and compliance of HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, and IFS conformity.
  • Limit of Quantification (LOQ): 0,6 ppm (gluten)
  • Results in 2,5 hours
  • Valid for a wide range of food matrices