Dako Primary Antibodies

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Primary Antibodies are intended for use on tissue sections. Polyclonal antibodies are provided as whole serum, Ig fractions, F(ab’)2 fragments or affinity isolated. Monoclonal antibodies are generally provided as tissue culture supernatants or purified from culture supernatants. FLEX RTU GA-series is designed for the Dako Omnis platform, the IR-series is designed for Autostainer Link 48 and the IS-series is designed for Dako Autostainer instruments. Antibody Cocktails will provide a two-color staining reaction on the same tissue section. Multipurpose Antibodies are concentrated polyclonal antibodies usable for techniques besides immunohistochemistry. Secondary Antibodies are primarily utilized for amplification of the antibody/antigen reaction. Control Reagents are well-suited as qualitative negative controls for the primary antibodies. All antibody reagents for immunohistochemistry are in liquid form and contain an antimicrobial agent.

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Actin (Muscle) (Concentrate)
Actin (Muscle) (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Actin (Muscle) (Autostainer Link 48)
Actin (Sarcomeric) (Concentrate)
Actin (Smooth Muscle) (Concentrate)
Actin (Smooth Muscle) (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Actin (Smooth Muscle) (Autostainer Link 48)
Adrenocorticotropin (Concentrate)
Akt-pS473, Phosphorylation Site Specific (Concentrate)
Albumin (Conjugate)
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (Autostainer Link 48)
Alpha-1-Fetoprotein (Concentrate)
Alpha-1-Fetoprotein (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Alpha-1-Fetoprotein (Autostainer Link 48)
AMACR (Concentrate)
AMACR (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
AMACR (Autostainer Link 48)
Amyloid A (Concentrate)
Amyloid A (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Amyloid A (Autostainer Link 48)
Androgen Receptor (Concentrate)
B-Cell-Specific Activator Protein (Concentrate)
B-Cell-Specific Activator Protein (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
B-Cell-Specific Activator Protein (Autostainer Link 48)
BCL2 Oncoprotein (Concentrate)
BCL2 Oncoprotein (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
BCL2 Oncoprotein (Autostainer Link 48)
BCL6 Protein (Concentrate)
BCL6 Protein (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
BCL6 Protein (Autostainer Link 48)
BCL10 Protein (Concentrate)
Beta-Amyloid (Concentrate)
Beta-Catenin (Concentrate)
Beta-Catenin (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Beta-Catenin (Autostainer Link 48)
Bromodeoxyuridine (Concentrate)
C1q Complement (Conjugate)
C3c Complement (Conjugate)
C4c Complement (Conjugate)
C5b-9 (Concentrate)
CA 19-9 (Concentrate)
CA 125 (Concentrate)
CA 125 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CA 125 (Autostainer Link 48)
Calcitonin (Concentrate)
Calcitonin (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Calcitonin (Autostainer Link 48)
Caldesmon (Concentrate)
Caldesmon (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Caldesmon (Autostainer Link 48)
Calponin (Concentrate)
Calretinin (Concentrate)
Calretinin (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Calretinin (Autostainer Link 48)
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (Concentrate)
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (Autostainer Link 48)
CD1a (Concentrate)
CD1a (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD1a (Autostainer Link 48)
CD2 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD2 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD3 (Concentrate)
CD3 (Concentrate)
CD3 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD3 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD4 (Concentrate)
CD4 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD4 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD5 (Concentrate)
CD5 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD5 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD7 (Concentrate)
CD7 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD7 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD8 (Concentrate)
CD8 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD8 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD10 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD10 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD14 (Concentrate)
CD15 (Concentrate)
CD15 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD15 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD19 (Concentrate)
CD19 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD19 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD19 (Dako Omnis)
CD20cy (Concentrate)
CD20cy (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD20cy (Autostainer Link 48)
CD21 (Concentrate)
CD21 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD21 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD23 (Concentrate)
CD23 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD23 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD30 (Concentrate)
CD30 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD30 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD31, Endothelial Cell (Concentrate)
CD31, Endothelial Cell (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD31, Endothelial Cell (Autostainer Link 48)
CD34 Class II (Concentrate)
CD34 Class II (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD34 Class II (Autostainer Link 48)
CD43 (Concentrate)
CD43 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD43 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD44, Phagocytic Glycoprotein-1 (Concentrate)
CD45, Leucocyte Common Antigen (Concentrate)
CD45, Leucocyte Common Antigen (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD45, Leucocyte Common Antigen (Autostainer Link 48)
CD45R0 (Concentrate)
CD45RA (Concentrate)
CD56 (Concentrate)
CD56 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD56 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD57 (Concentrate)
CD57 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD57 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD57 (Dako Omnis)
CD61, Platelet Glycoprotein IIIa (Concentrate)
CD68 (Concentrate)
CD68 (Concentrate)
CD68 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD68 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD68 (Concentrate)
CD68 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD68 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD79α (Concentrate)
CD79α (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD79α (Autostainer Link 48)
CD99, MIC2 Gene Products, Ewing’s Sarcoma Marker (Concentrate)
CD99, MIC2 Gene Products, Ewing’s Sarcoma Marker…
CD99, MIC2 Gene Products, Ewing’s Sarcoma Marker (Autostainer Link 48)
CD117, c-kit (Concentrate)
CD138 (Concentrate)
CD138 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD138 (Autostainer Link 48)
CD235a, Glycophorin A (Concentrate)
CD246, ALK Protein (Concentrate)
CD246, ALK Protein (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CD246, ALK Protein (Autostainer Link 48)
CDX2 (Concentrate)
CDX2 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
CDX2 (Autostainer Link 48)
c-erbB-2 Oncoprotein (Concentrate)
Chorionic Gonadotropin (Concentrate)
Chorionic Gonadotropin (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Chorionic Gonadotropin (Autostainer Link 48)
Chromogranin A (Concentrate)
Collagen IV (Concentrate)
COX-2 (Concentrate)
Cyclin D1 (Concentrate)
Cyclin D1 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cyclin D1 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 5/6 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 5/6 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin 5/6 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin 7 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 7 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin 7 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin 8/18 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 8/18 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin 10 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 10/13 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 17 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 17 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin 17 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin 18 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 18 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin 18 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin 19 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 19 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin 19 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin 20 (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin 20 (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin 20 (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin, High Molecular Weight (Concentrate)
Cytokeratin, High Molecular Weight (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytokeratin, High Molecular Weight (Autostainer Link 48)
Cytokeratin, Wide Spectrum Screening (Concentrate)
Cytomegalovirus (Concentrate)
Cytomegalovirus (Autostainer/Autostainer Plus)
Cytomegalovirus (Autostainer Link 48)

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