Mastit 4

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PCR Mastitis Test

When it comes to mastitis testing, speed and accuracy are vital. Every hour saved means less chance of a potentially serious downside. Thanks to significantly reduced hands-on time, our Mastit 4 process will give you accurate and reliable results – in just 3 hours. That is a fact you can assess for yourself, the moment you run your first Mastit 4 test process.

4 tests in one reaction

In just 3 hours, Mastit 4 simultaneously runs 4 bacterial tests in a single process. In addition, all Mastit 4 tests are individually designed to meet your precise needs. As well as defining which tests are required in your country, you can add any additional number of tests you wish to perform.”

Proven effectiveness

As with any testing process, the defining moment is when it is run under real-life conditions. We have already successfully completed a major project with one of the world’s leading laboratories.

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