Rainbow Calf Scours Kit

SKU: K 288
Supplier: Bio-X Diagnostics (view all products)

RAINBOW Calf Scours-BIO K 288 strip is a vertical flow immunochromatographic device, where the antigen of interest is captured onto the membrane by a specific monoclonal antibody, whilst a second colloidal gold labelled antibody will allow the capture to be visible.

The excellent sensitivity and specificity of the RAINBOW™ Calf Scours-BIO K 288 are achieved by using monoclonal antibodies.
They are used as conjugates and to capture pathogens on the membrane.
Following high quality standards, the RAINBOW™ Calf Scours-BIO K 288 is validated in comparison with the MULTISCREEN™ AgELISA DigestifBIO K 348 on a large quantity of samples.