Biochemical Identification Kits

Biochemical Identification Kits Products

Microgen GN-ID A

Microgen® GN-ID A - For the identification of aerobic and facultative anaerobic gram negative bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae and miscellaneous gram negative bacteria).

Microgen GN-ID B

Microgen® GN-ID B - For use as an additional 12 test system for the identification of Miscellaneous Gram negative and oxidase positive bacteria.

Microgen Listeria ID

Microgen® Listeria-ID. For the identification of Listeria species.

Microgen Bacillus ID

Microgen® Bacillus ID. For the identification of mesophilic Bacillus species isolated from food materials and the environment.

Microgen Staph ID

12 test system minimises handling and manipulation.

Microgen Strep ID

Substrates selected specifically for Streptococcus, Enterococcus and related species.