With more than 30 years of experience in the development of instrumentation and testkits for rapid microbiological testing SY-LAB became a leading provider of microbiological impedance testing systems as well as biomolecular lateral flow test kits for rapid pathogen testing.

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SY-LAB Products

BioTrac 4250

With 21 individual measurement positions and 1 temperature zone per instrument µ-Trac is an ideal instrument suited for simple tasks in microbiology. The big majority of impedance application can be done by this small instrument

BacTrac 4300

With 64 individual measurement positions and 2 different temperature zones per instrument BacTrac can deal with almost all tasks the microbiologist is familiar with from the classical agar plate.

Impedance Disposables

Ready to use disposables

RiboFlow - Molecular Flow Based Detection System

SY-LAB´s RiboFlow® technology signals relevant bacterial food contamination on-site—early, quickly, and reliably reducing the need for sophisticated sampling and amplification techniques.