About Ngaio Diagnostics

Ngaio Diagnostics is a privately owned supply company based in Nelson, New Zealand. Established in 1991, we specialise in the distribution and support of quality products to hospital laboratories, community clinical laboratories, veterinary laboratories, veterinary practices, food testing & environmental laboratories and food processors.

As a small privately owned company, we take your business personally. Doing business with us means you will deal with a team who know and understand what you are looking for. Dealing with us is quick and easy and we will always have you in mind as we source or develop new and improved products.


Stuart McKenzie (Managing Director)

Stuart has been with Ngaio Diagnostics since 2015 and came with a background in sales and business development. He also has a BSc degree in chemistry. Contact Stuart for all general business inquiries.

Contact Stuart on:
Telephone: +64 3 548 4727
Mobile: 022 351 5952
Email: stuart.mckenzie@ngaio.co.nz



Rob McKenzie (Founding Director)

Rob founded Ngaio Diagnostics in 1991 after working as a hospital scientist in Clinical Biochemistry and in the area of Quality Management.

Contact Rob on:
Telephone: +64 3 548 4727
Mobile: 021 464 246
Email: rob.mckenzie@ngaio.co.nz



Sai Palagummi (Sales and Technical Manager – Molecular Biology)

Sai joined Ngaio Diagnostics in 2015 after completing a PhD in Forensic Science at the University of Auckland. Sai is based in Dunedin.

Contact Sai on:
Mobile: 021 464 249
Email: sai.palagummi@ngaio.co.nz



Mario Manoharan (Sales and Application Specialist – Dako Pathology and Clinical Diagnostics)

Mario has been with Ngaio Diagnostics in 2018 as a application specialist with a focus on Agilent Dako products. He is a qualified Medical Doctor and is based in Auckland.

Contact Mario on:
Mobile: 027 648 8481
Email: mario.manoharan@ngaio.co.nz 


Iona Kelly (Sales Representative – Food, Hygiene and Infection Control)

Iona joined Ngaio in 2021 to focus on the food testing, hygiene and infection control. Iona is a qualified food technologist having graduated from Massey University with honours.

Contact Iona on:
Mobile: 027 283 8633
Email: iona.kelly@ngaio.co.nz


Gavin Scandlyn (Business Development – Point of Care and Drug Testing, ECA Sanitation)

Gavin joined Ngaio in 2020 to develop the drug testing and point of care markets. He also support the Toucan ECA range and is familiar with Hygiene verification systems to assist the cleaning industry.

Contact Gavin on:
Phone: 027 357 5020
Email: gavin.scandlyn@ngaio.co.nz



Kerry Ford (Administration & Accounts)

Kerry is our accounts keeper and administration whizz. Please contact Kerry for all queries regarding accounts or administration.

Contact us on:
Telephone: +64 3 548 4727
Email: accounts@ngaio.co.nz