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On this page we will display any new information or press releases that are relevant to Ngaio and/or our products. We will endeavour to update this page regularly, so check back soon.


Ngaio and Randox align

November 2023

Ngaio Diagnostics and Randox are collaborating to bring Randox products to the New Zealand market. For all enquiries for Randox products in New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, you should now direct your enquiries to Ngaio.

Already well used in New Zealand, but with work to do to spread the word so more of New Zealand and Pacific labs can benefits for the Randox product portfolio, an agreement has been reached for Ngaio to handle all distribution into our region.

Ngaio Diagnostics team has grown as a result, and we now have Tony Cole (qualified Medical Laboratory Scientist) focused on the Randox portfolio within the clinical industry. To reach Tony, please email him at

With the wide range of products offers covering multiple industries, Ngaio will be handling not only Randox famed clinical chemistry controls, calibrators, and reagents, but also their food and beverage and toxicology portfolios.

This is an important new relationship for Ngaio, and working closely with the Randox team, we are looking toward the future where there are exciting developments on the horizon.

Sysmex New Zealand Signs Distribution Agreement with Ngaio Diagnostics for Flow Cytometry Solutions

May 2023

Sysmex New Zealand has announced a distribution agreement with Ngaio Diagnostics to make advanced flow cytometry technology more accessible to New Zealand’s environmental, agricultural, animal breeding and research industries.

Flow cytometry (FCM) is a powerful analytical technique that enables rapid and simultaneous analysis of multiple characteristics of individual cells or particles, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from selecting the strongest genes for crops and animal breeding to assessing the safety of air and water samples for environmental control.

As the pandemic and recent climate-related events continue to impact New Zealand’s food production and environmental industry, Sysmex Partec’s range of compact FCM analysers offers a reliable and affordable solution. With dedicated light sources and optical parameters for scientific and industrial use, Sysmex Partec analysers are suitable for routine testing and high-end research applications, improving the accuracy, productivity and quality of food and environmental testing.

Following an intensive selection process, Sysmex New Zealand signed a distribution agreement with Ngaio Diagnostics on March 31st to take over the distribution of Sysmex Partec’s non-clinical applications of the FCM solution. This includes instrumentation, software, reagents, and protocols for research, environmental, food and beverage, plant, and animal breeding analysis.

“We are excited to partner with Ngaio Diagnostics to make our products more readily available to organisations that need them,” said Arjit Bhana, CEO of Sysmex New Zealand. “We were gratified by the interest expressed by companies with strong reputations in this field. A significant part of our assessment was the value that a partner would bring to the Sysmex brand, and we felt that Ngaio Diagnostics would mirror Sysmex’s clinical reputation in the industrial and environmental sectors.”

Stuart McKenzie, Managing Director of Ngaio Diagnostics, stated, “The opportunity to provide Sysmex Partec technology and the support of their NZ Engineers will extend our contribution to New Zealand’s environmental protection, food production, animal breeding, and research without compromising the customer service levels upon which we have built our reputation.”

For further information on the history, quality standards and availability of Sysmex Partec Flow Cytometry equipment and products, visit

For enquiries about Sysmex Partec Flow Cytometry solutions, contact Ngaio Diagnostics at

From left to right: Stuart McKenzie, Managing Director of Ngaio Diagnostics, and Arjit Bhana, CEO of Sysmex New Zealand

Cell Count and Spectrometry – Anvajo fluidlab R-300

November 2022

Anvajo fluidlab R-300 Cell Counter & Spectrometer

The first device that combines Cell Counting and Spectrometry

Cell Counter

Label-free viability measurements via holographic microscopy
Large FoV for high statistical significance
Small sample volume needed (4-20 µl)


Full spectral graphs recorded from 375 to 700 nm
No maintenance and re-calibration needed
Portable and small

Plasmid Purification

November 2022

**End of year sale **

Limited-time savings* on ZymoPURE™ II Plasmid Purification Kits.

• Fastest: Simple 16-minute Midi/Maxi preps
• Highest Yield: Up to 3 mg from a Spin-Column
• Ultra-Pure: Endotoxin-Free and Transfection Ready

Please enquire via email to

*Valid until 23rd of December.


Universal Sequencing Technology partners with Ngaio

September 2022

Ngaio cant hold back its excitement when announcing our newly signed distribution arrangement for Universal Sequencing Technologies (UST) for the New Zealand market.

Universal Sequencing Technologies offers something special, something that anyone doing NGS work should know about. So go on, pick up the phone and give us a call.


Universal Sequencing’s TELL-SEQ™Library Prep Kit  is THE next generation of sequencing kit. The proven technology changes the idea of sequencing with a solution that is easy, scalable, and universal.

  • Long read NGS library preparation method
  • Ease of use: hands-on time ( < 1 hour)
  • Single tube process: sequencing ready library in 3 hours
  • Low DNA input: 0.1ng to 5ng depending on genome size
  • Highly scalable for small and large genomes, 20 Kb to 5 Gb
  • Easily Automated
For genome sizes from 1MB to 5GB

For genome sizes from 20Kb to 5Gb+

Ngaio introduces Microbium MPN to New Zealand

August 2022

Ngaio is always looking to partner with companies that offer a products with a point of difference. As such, we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Microbium and introduce their Water MPN Analyser to New Zealand.

The unique automated system offer delivers quantitative water testing results for EColi and Coliform in 4 easy steps.

Advantages of Microbium MPN Analyser:

  • unique (world innovation)
  • conforms with ISO 9308-2
  • automated & digitalised (smart sensor system)
  • easy to use (only 4 steps, no training required)
  • low limit of detection (1 E. coli / 100 ml)
  • cost effective (10x less than lab analysis)
  • zero waste (ecological solution, no laboratory waste)





Oral fluids drug test Ngaio Click the new saliva test available now

July 2022

Ngaio Diagnostics announces a new oral fluid drug test verified to the AS/NZS Standard 4760:2019

Oral fluids saliva drug test NZ

Companies and organisations have held off implemting oral fluid testing until everything was in place:

  1. The New Zealand standard to be updated – This was done and the current standard is AS/NZS Standard 4760:2019
  2. A New Zealand lab to be able to offer oral fluid confirmation testing – Canturbury Health Labs now does this!
  3. Oral fluids NZQA assessment and training to be available – Tania Jarvis is recommended by Ngaio.
  4. Reliable oral fluids/saliva tests to be available that can meet the new standard – a few products are now on the market
  5. A quality oral fluids drug test available at a price that isn’t prohibitively expensive – Ngaio Click is here!

It makes sense now to look at bringing oral fluids drug testing into your organisational health and safety framework. Call or email Ngaio to discuss your testing needs and get information on pricing and product information.


Ngaio grows with Cell Culture Inserts – CellQART from Sabeu

June 2022

Ngaio is always looking to expand out range with quality products, from quality companies which will bring value to our clients. And with our new distribution relationship with Sabeu and their CellQART range we have done exactly that. A world leading manufacturer, a world leading product and with Ngaio we make supply to NZ users simple.

CellQART make superior Cell Culture Inserts affordable. In many cases high quality cell culture inserts might not always be manufactured directly by the brand you buy from and as such are available at unnecessary high prices. Sebeu are the manufacturer and offer an unmatched balance of price and performance.

Give Maggie a call or email ( to discuss options and supply.

Lipid Pro Lipid Profile

April 2022

Lipid Pro Lipid Profile Meter
The Lipid Pro Lipid Profile & Glucose Measuring System, or Lipid Pro Meter, is a professional level occupational health device for measuring cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose.

Why would you need to monitor the levels of these substances?

Monitoring glucose is important for any that struggle with diabetes to give an indication of their blood sugar levels.  Diabetes also increases the likelihood of having a high cholesterol level, but is not the only cause!
There are two types of cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL). High levels of LDL causes fatty deposits to build up in arteries and slows blood flow. HDL aids in carrying away LDL and is important for improved blood flow. Triglycerides are are excess calories that have been converted and stored in fat cells. High levels of triglyceride can be caused by many factors. Diabetes, drinking alcohol, eating too much sugary food, being overweight and smoking are all common causes.


The Lipid Pro meter is capable of accurately measuring the levels of these given a small blood sample (0.3 – 5 μL depending on the test). Glucose levels are calculated in 3 seconds, and 2 minutes using the Lipid Profile strip to measure Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol (and LDL Cholesterol as a result) and Triglyceride simultaneously.



Benefits of this meter:
  • Small (61 x 109 x 23 mm)
  • Simple to use
  • Quick (3 – 120 seconds test dependent)
  • Requires a small blood sample volume (0.3 – 5μL test dependent )
  • Measures HDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol and Glucose


This unit is capable of using these test strips:


Total Cholesterol:
  • 2.59 ~ 10.4 mmol/L Range
  • 60 Second Test
  • ≥ 3.6 μL Sample Volume
  • 30% ~ 50% Hematocrit
Lipid Profile:
  • Total Cholesterol Range
    2.59 ~ 10.4 mmol/L
  • Triglyceride Range
    0.57~ 6.78 mmol/L
  • HDL Cholesterol Range
    0.65 ~ 2.07 mmol/L
  • 120 Second Test (Triple)
  • ≥ 5 μL Sample Volume
  • 30% ~ 55% Hematocrit


  • 0.6 ~ 33.3 mmol/L Range
  • 3 Second Test
  • ≥ 0.3 μL Sample Volume
  • 20% ~ 60% Hematocrit


We have added two new Lipid Pro starter packs to our online store!

“Starter Pack” – Lipid Pro Total Cholesterol

lipid pro total cholesterol starter pack
Starter Pack includes:

For measuring glucose &
total cholesterol


“Starter Pack” – Lipid Pro and Profile Strips

lipid pro and profile strips starter pack
Starter Pack includes:

For measuring glucose, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides


The purpose of these packs is to offer everything needed to begin measuring cholesterol and glucose with the Lipid Profile & Glucose Measuring System. The Lipid Pro and Profile Strips starter pack is recommended if measuring HDL cholesterol or Triglycerides. The Lipid Pro Total Cholesterol starter pack is recommended otherwise.

Each component is available as an individual product on our online store, or via emailing our team at

Ngaio has a new Online Shop

March 2022

Icon depicting an online store

Ngaio’s Online Shop is live

Our products have never been easier to purchase than right now through Ngaio’s online shop!

Over the last little while our team has been working on making it easier to purchase our most popular products. The latest initiative has been through the launch of our brand new Online Shop!

The reasoning behind developing an online shop is to provide ease of access to our products, and speed up the process of purchasing.

As always, our customers are still able to contact us at for purchasing and all enquiries.

This new online shop features a range including:
  • Rapid Antigen Test Kit COVID19 RAT – 5 & 20 pack

  • Hygiena Alertox Sticks (Milk, Egg, Soy)

  • Brand New: Lipid Pro Starter Packs (Total Cholesterol or Lipid Profile).

  • Eco II Urine Drug Test Cups

  • Ion Test Water Analysis Kits

  • + 18 more!

All prices are GST inclusive and we have free overnight shipping on all of our products.

We are expecting to courier orders on the day of purchase, provided these items are purchased before 2:30pm on a business day.

The shop currently features all of the products we are selling on the main page with the intention of adding categories as our products available online expand.

You will notice there is also a way of accessing the store through the link labelled “Online Shop” in the navigation panel.

We are only allowing purchases of up to 10 of each item, with the exception being the Rapid Antigen Tests.

For purchases over this quantity, queries, or potential products to feature on our store, please continue to contact us at

Rapid Antigen Tests NZ COVID RAT

March 2022

Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) for New Zealand

Commercial customers: please email for orders.

General public: or small volume credit card orders: Please order via ONLINE STORE

Rapid Antigen Test RAT

Ngaio Diagnostics is an authorised supplier of Rapid Antigen tests and assists with direct supply from the manufacturer. We are currently taking orders for NZ business.

Supply – Ngaio has regular shipments for supply of Orient Gene product. Our product is Ministry of Health approved.

Ngaio is an official distribution partner of Orient Gene for New Zealand (documentation letter from the manufacturer provided on request). 

Ngaio offers both Orient Gene Professional tests ( boxes of 20tests) and Orient Gene Self tests in packs of 5

Ngaio Diagnostics has over 30 years of supply into the clinical diagnostic industry. Our customers include every NZ District Health Board and all prominent clinical laboratories in New Zealand. Our highly qualified team will ensure you have the technical support required for use of our products, and you can rest easy knowing we will be here tomorrow to help in any way we can.

Our pricing is highly competitive so please call to discuss your requirements.




Rapid Antigen tests for COVID 19

November 2021

Rapid Antigen testing : Detecting COVID 19 virus using a simple rapid test.

*Ngaio is currently applying for authorization to sell or import rapid antigen tests for COVID 19. For those who would like more information and updates, please sign up on our homepage or email us

What is a RAT?  Rapid Antigen Test

A rapid test designed to detect active cases of COVID-19. The tests detect specific proteins in the virus. Sampling is generally done through a nasal swab rather than the deep and uncomfortable nasopharyngeal swabs used in PCR tests.

The New Zealand Ministry of health provides this outline:
“Antigen tests are used for diagnosing an acute, active COVID-19 infection. The main advantage of Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) is that results can be available as soon as 15 minutes after the sample is taken. They are also relatively cheap to perform”.

A positive antigen test result is considered accurate when instructions are carefully followed. It should be recognized however that sensitivity and specificity does not match laboratory-based methods. A PCR test can be used to confirm a positive or negative antigen test result.

How is a RAT different from other COVID tests?

A PCR test is currently the most accurate test available and is what New Zealand currently uses for laboratory testing. It is more expensive, takes longer and requires specialist equipment and laboratory personnel.

An antibody test shows whether you were infected previously. These should not be used as a screen for current infection but might be of interest for the individual to know. They are often blood tests.

COVID-19 test regulations in New Zealand:

No one is able to import, manufacture, supply, sell, pack or use a rapid COVID-19 test, without approval from the Ministry of Health. The legislation is available here:

Rapid antigen testing for businesses and organizations vs self-testing for individuals and families:

Under the existing government legislation – authorization is required to use COVID-19 Antigen rapid tests.
Initial authorizations are therefore likely to be for organizations in NZ with the appropriate systems and training in place: Part of the application for authorization asks the user to provide information on how records of the testing will be managed. There is also a requirement to explain how identification of the person being tested will be done as well as how the date/time of the test and the test result will be recorded. Further there is a requirement to explain how appropriate clinical management of individuals and notification of “non-negative” results to the Medical Officer of Health will occur.

The use of antigen rapid tests for self-testing is unlikely to be available in the near future.

Training and internal testing protocols are likely to be an important factor.

Ngaio Diagnostics can help by assisting with your application for authorization to use RATs, training your staff and establishing systems for COVID rapid antigen testing.

TechLab signs with Ngaio Diagnostics

September 2021

Ngaio Diagnostics is now the exclusive supplier of TechLab products into the New Zealand market.  To Ngaio this means a lot as TechLab are a company we have dealt with many years ago and we know the high quality reliable products are ones our customers can rely on.

Our store is now stocked and we have begun supply to all those labs using TechLab and will ensure continuity of supply.

Ngaio New Build Progressing Well

July 2021

As Ngaio Diagnostics continues to grow we’ve made the decision to invest in our future. Currently underway is the construction of a purpose built facility to cater for our growing needs.

The Ngaio team are looking forward to moving in during October. Once settled in we would love to give our valued customers a tour!

GenDX partners with Ngaio Diagnostics

February 2021

We have been appointed by GenDX as their our exclusive distributor for New Zealand.

This is an exciting step for Ngaio to cement our relationship with the market leaders in transplant diagnostics. We have already received and delivered our first consignment of product from GenDX which is now in lab and ready to be used. Being a critical supply cog of such a crucial product makes all of us at Ngaio proud to be doing what we are doing.

Ngaio will also assist GenDX in Australia when and where required.

Bladder Cancer Diagnostics – KDx URO17 the new go to assay

September 2020

At Ngaio we want to offer the latest and best performing products to our customers. With our new partnership with KDx diagnostics we have done just that for Bladder Cancer Diagnostics.

KDx URO17 is the worlds most sensitive and specific test for bladder cancer. Call Ngaio to recieve product details including independent studies.

Ngaio partners with Biomedica to supply world class kits into NZ

September 2020

Ngaio is pleased to have been able to facilitate a NZ researchers work by helping with supply of Biomedica kits to further their work. On review of the Biomedica product range and discussing with industry experts we’re even more excited to have been able to form an agreement to distribute Biomedica products into New Zealand into the future.

Biomedica products are world leading and offer competitive pricing.

Review Biomedica product range here

We encourage you to speak to us about your requirements  – chances are we can help with supply.

Rotor Gene users now have affordable plasticware options.

June 2020

Ngaio has secured the exclusive NZ distribution rights for Sapphire Scientific Plasticware range.

Sapphire are the original plastic-ware manufacturers for Rotor Gene systems, and have now fired back up their moulds and are producing the highest quality plastics at very competitive products.

Ngaio has stock and can supply these as when required at extremely competitive pricing.

Give Sai a call to discuss your requirements and he’ll sort you out.

Ngaio partners with Centrego Limited

May 2020

On-Site Sanitiser and Cleaner production systems

Ngaio has always had a focus on supplying products which enhance or better our customers lives, research and day to day activities. As such we are really excited to have partnered with Centrego Limited as the exclusive New Zealand supplier of the Toucan product range.

The systems offer on site production of sanitiser and cleaner, which not only offers significant cost and performance benefits, but also offer environmental and safety benefits which all sites can benefit from.

We’re able to help with any requirement with a range of systems able to cope with requirements from domestic to commercial operations.

Contact Gavin to discuss your requirements further and he will be able to recommend the appropriate system for your requirements.



March 2020

As an essential business supplying to pathology & food labs, and other essential services, Ngaio Diagnostics will remain open during lockdown.

Please be aware that Ngaio has chosen to have a majority of staff to be home based during this period and have a smaller than usual team based in our offices. As such, all your requirements will be attended to in as prompt a fashion as possible. Our priority will be given to fulfillment of orders during this period.

Please also be aware that there may be small delays due to reduced freight services throughout new Zealand. Our freight contractors are working to keep any delays to an absolute minimum.

Some items directly related to Covid-19 testing, or restricted due to manufacturing capacity at this time have been backordered from our international suppliers. We will endeavor to supply these promptly once available.

The Ngaio team will do our best during these times. If you have any questions, then please feel free to call us.

Take care everyone.

ASI Spectral Imaging products available from Ngaio

November 2019

With our growing presence in the histology market, both clinical and research, the time was right to find a world leading partner for spectral imaging systems. ASI fits the bill being a forward thinking company with products that are cutting edge and offer labs a market leading product.

We’re pleased to be able to offer an alternative to what is available currently, and not only offer competitive supply but also systems which significant performance benefits.

EnSURE Touch – NZ says ‘YES PLEASE’

October 2019

Over the past six months the Ngaio team has been busy launching and introducing NZ to the new Hygiena EnSURE Touch (or ETouch for short). Simply put we can’t be happier with the uptake and feedback to the performance, ease-of-use and cutting edge software.

We have had customers previously using all other major brands make the switch to Hygiena ETouch as they too see the huge benefits this system offers.

If you’re thinking about ATP, or would like an upgrade from a current system then give us a call to talk through your options.

Zeutec partner with Ngaio for NZ supply

June 2019

Zeutec, global leaders in NIR technology partner with Ngaio for distribution into the New Zealand market. This exciting news gives NZ customers access to Zeutecs world leading instrumentation, with Ngaios local support. With dedicated instruments for Wine, Beer, Food, Cider, Flour, Feed, Meat, Grain, Oil, Sugar, Spirits, Chemicals and more.


Ngaio bring PROCOMCURE to NZ

May 2019

Ngaio and Procomcure now offer NZ molecular labs the highest quality PCR / qPCR reagents on the market. Austrian manufactured to the highest quality standard procomcures wide range of products offer a solution for almost all scenarios.

Wonder if Procomcure will suit you? It will, and we are so confident we’ll give you a sample kit free of charge. Give Ngaio a call to discuss.

Dako – Ngaio becomes exclusive NZ supply partner

April 2018

Dako (a division of Agilent) and Ngaio Diagnostics agree on an exclusive distribution agreement for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Supply of Dako products into New Zealand is effective immediately.

The team at Ngaio are very excited about this opportunity. For further information feel free to contact us.


Agdia now distributed by Ngaio in NZ

July 2017

Ngaio is very pleased to announce that Agdia has now appointed Ngaio as their a local supply channel for their extensive range of market leading plant pathogen and GMO testing solutions. Ngaio is excited at the prospect of servicing this industry, and continue to supply our existing and new customers with world leading products and a top class service.

Learn more about Agdia at and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Streck announce Ngaio as their exclusive NZ agents for Molecular Products

March 2017

Streck and Ngaio are pleased to announce Ngaio Diagnostics as their new exclusive NZ agents for their Molecular product range.

This is an exciting development for Ngaio and our customers as we bring Strecks unique range to NZ shores.

The Streck molecular portfolio includes innovation stabilisation products, antibiotic resistance kits, and their market leading Zulu RT Real-time PCR system.

Speak to Ngaio about your interest in the Streck product range.

Sy-Labs’ Molecular and Electric Microbial Testing Systems

March 2017

Ngaio can now assist with Sy-Labs unique and beneficial systems for microbial testing.

Sy-Lab offers two ranges of Microbial Testing products which include Electric Microbial Detection systems and Molecular Flow based detection systems (RiboFlow).

RiboFlow technology is an exciting advancement for the food industry given it offers end users a rapid molecular detection systems with no capital investment. RiboFlow tests also differentiate between live and dead organisms where traditional molecular methods can not.

Speak to Ngaio to learn more about the Sy-Lab range.


MyGo real-time PCR Instruments released in NZ

December 2016

Ngaio now supplying MyGo real-time PCR instruments to the NZ market.

IT-IS Life Science Limited, makers of MyGo real-time PCR Instruments, was founded and staffed by people with a passion for technology. For over 10 years IT-IS has been delivering high performance technology for real-time PCR. With comprehensive capabilities ranging from molecular biology to software engineering, IT-IS provides products from bespoke system development to off the shelf MyGo real-time PCR machines.


Ngaio bring Biogamma Reagents from Italy to NZ

May 2016

Ngaio are exited to add a new line of products to our range and offer NZ laboratories a beneficial solution to the reagents they are using currently.

Biogamma is a chemical manufacturing company offering instruments and a complete range of Stable Liquid Reagents (SLR) ready to use for:

  • Oenology
  • food & beverage
  • clinical chemistry
  • electrophoresis
  • occupational medicine

If you’re using any reagents, then Ngaio WILL be able to assist with market leading products at extremely competitive pricing.


Ngaios’ redesigned website goes live

March 2016

We’ve redesigned our website to include product pages so you’ll have a better idea of how we can help you.

So far Hygiene Testing, Food Feed & Water, Point of Care and Veterinary have been updated. Molecular and Clinical & Industrial products coming soon.

Remember though, if you don’t see what you want on one of the pages do contact us and discuss your requirements further. Chances are we’ll be able to help.

BÜHLMANN signs Ngaio Diagnostics as their NZ agents

July 2015

We are extremely pleased to announce that Ngaio is now the exclusive NZ agent for BÜHLMANN offering a new range of products to our customers.

BÜHLMANN is the leading calprotectin company, offering the broadest calprotectin product range on the market. This range includes the automatable BÜHLMANN fCAL™ ELISA and the quantitative Quantum Blue® Calprotectin rapid tests. For automation on ELISA robots BÜHLMANN continuously offer new CE-marked protocols for their BÜHLMANN fCAL™ ELISA, combined with their easy, safe and clean stool sampling and extraction CALEX® Cap device.

BÜHLMANN has also launched its newest innovation the IBDoc® Calprotectin Home Testing Solution, allowing the patient to test calprotectin levels at home using a smart phone.

Sai joins the Ngaio team

April 2015

Sai Palagummi has joined the Ngaio team and will be looking after our Molecular Biology customers.

Sai has a background in biological research and is very at home in the lab after completing a BSc in Zoology; MSc in Zoology; MSc in Forensic Science; and PhD in Forensic Science. We are excited to have Sai on board and look forward him to meeting with you, and helping to find you benefical solutions to make your life easier.

Trovan – Microchips of unparalleled quality

February 2015

Ngaio now represent Trovan microchips for the NZ companion animal market.

Trovan have revolutionised microchip design resulting in a product with fewer than one third the components of a conventional microchip, thereby ensuring superior reliability of the transponders over time. Trovan microchips make use of a patented direct bonding technology which results in a more durable connection between the integrated circuit and the antenna, also contributing to the product’s superior reliability. Trovan microchips are made with laser encoded integrated circuits. Laser programmed ICs are less susceptible to electromagnetic interference which can potentially harm EEPROM (programmable) microchip configurations. This greater reliability makes Trovan the logical choice for use in companion animals, offering unmatched dependability and assuring peace of mind for veterinarians and pet owners alike.

Ngaio Diagnostics appointed Optigene Distributor in New Zealand

February 2014

OptiGene has developed innovative products that support sensitive and specific detection of bacteria and viruses for use in the fields of plant health, food safety, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and healthcare.  Bio-defence and forensics are also key markets that OptiGene addresses, either directly or through its growing network of international distributors.  The company has exploited its expertise in both instrument design and enzymology to develop a sophisticated open platform that will support all isothermal amplification methods.  Ultra-sensitive molecular detection that has been constrained to laboratory use by highly-qualified personnel and taking hours to complete can now be deployed to point of application and run with very little training, producing results in single minutes.

The Genie II instrument is the flagship product of OptiGene and has been in full production since the spring of 2011.  Genie II is now found in a variety of diagnostic settings around the world.  It is supported by specially-designed plastic strips that have lockable caps and that are easy to handle.  Enzymes are available in the form of several master mixes that feature combinations of high-speed operation, inherent RT activity and thermo stability.  A continuous programme of development is maintained at OptiGene in order to satisfy the evolving demands of its customers and the wider market.  New instruments are planned that will include a smaller device that will suit on-site use and more sophisticated optical arrangements that can support multiplexed assays.  Improvements in the company’s enzymes are on-going with faster and more stable master mixes planned for release.  OptiGene can also offer to develop variants of its products on behalf of OEM customers and these can adopt the customer’s corporate branding and include special features.

See more at:

Hygiena Micro-Snap Product Range

September 2013

Micro-Snap is a rapid test for detection and enumeration of specific bacteria. The test uses a novel bioluminogenic test reaction that generates light when enzymes that are characteristic of specific bacteria react with specialized substrates to produce light. The light generating signal is then quantified in a sensitive, hand held Luminometer. Results are available in 1 to 7 hours, depending upon required level of detection. Single figure organisms can be detected in 7 hours, enabling Micro-Snap to give results in the same working day or shift.

Applications include, production surface monitoring, raw materials and finished product testing and it can be used with solids, liquids and filterable products.

Benefits of Micro-Snap include:

  • Results in 7 hours or less.
  • Low levels of detection.
  • Pass/Fail result at required detection levels are easy to understand.
  • Quantitative results (CFU counts)
  • Qualitative results (presence/absence)
  • Equivalent results to other culturing methods.
  • No specific sample preparation required.
  • Independently validated.

For further information :

7.0 L Micro aerophilic Gas Generating packs

May 2013

We now have this product in stock. Save time and money, please contact us for details.

Glucose Monitoring in Dogs and Cats

May 2013

VetAll Diagnostics have released a new meter for companion animal glucose testing. This meter gives an accurate test result using only 5uL of blood and 5 seconds test time. The meter is specifically calibrated for dogs and cats, meters calibrated for human use will underestimate glucose levels in cats and dogs. Please contact us for more details or Click here

Direct Load Precast Protein Gel from ACTGene

April 2013

Direct load dirty crude sample onto gel and get sharp bands. One year room temperature storage shelf life. Learn more

Instant Agarose Tablets from ACTGene

April 2013

Quick ,convenient and cost effective. Samples available on request. Learn more.

Coris Bioconcept GDH Rapid

February 2012

We are pleased to advise the new Coris GDH Rapid Test is now available. The test, which includes sampling devices, offers a quick, accurate and cost effective method for screening for C.difficile in faecal samples prior to toxin testing by Elisa or molecular methods. Studies confirm this new test is at least as sensitive as other products available. For more information on the Coris GDH Rapid please click here.

Norovirus Rapid Test

February 2012

Microgen Bioproducts have released NOROSCREEN, a rapid lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of Norovirus antigen in faeces. Noroscreen Rapid Cassette detects and differentiates Norovirus Genogroup 1 and Genogroup 2. The test is simple and quick to perform and has a clear distinct reaction lines with a clean background.

New Website!

December 2011

New Website. Welcome to our new website, we hope you like the changes and the fresh new layout. Please feel free to email us with your comments and suggestions.


Direct-zol ™ RNA MiniPrep

November 2011

Now available. High quality RNA directly with Direct-zol ™ RNA MiniPrep without phase separation or precipitation. Simply add sample in Tri-Reagent ® or similar directly to Zymo-Spin column, spin, wash and elute high quality, ready to use RNA. For further information and a trial sample kit please contact us.

Two more Bioer GenePro Thermal Cyclers installed in New Zealand.

February 2010

Ngaio is appointed Distributor for Hygiena.

December 2009

Hygiena is a microbiology company with over 30 years experience in developing rapid solutions for the food and beverage, healthcare and life science industries.

First Bioer GenePro Thermal Cycler is installed in a New Zealand lab.

November 2009

Excellent performance, small footprint and a great price.

Ngaio are appointed Distributor for Microgen Bioproducts for the Clinical Market segment

August 2009

New Product: pLUG® -Multi TA- Cloning Vector from iNtRON Biotechnology

June 2008


  • High cloning efficiency
  • High percentage of true white colony : DCSTM Technology
  • Credible blue/white colony selection : DCSTM Technology
  • Rapid procedure (rapid ligation) : 10min~15min
  • Allowing convenient sequencing (M13 forward / reverse priming sites)
  • Allowing easy re-cloning to another vector : Mirror-repeat Pattern

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Ngaio appointed as Microgen Bioproducts Distributor

December 2007

Ngaio Diagnostics are delighted to be appointed as Microgen Bioproducts distributor for NZ industrial, research and veterinary microbiology laboratories. Microgen manufacture a arrange of quality microbiology products including Bacterial Identification Systems, Rapid Culture Confirmation assays and the new Path-Chek rapid method for detection of potential pathogens from surfaces. We are very pleased to add the Microgen range to our product portfolio and look forward to supporting this brand in NZ.


May 2007

CombiScreen PLUS Urine Dip Strips with ascorbic acid protected blood and glucose pad
Ascorbic acid, with its reducing characteristics, has influence on the oxidation reactions of the blood and glucose test pad and can reduce the sensitivity of the test and, in case of high ascorbic acid concentrations, even lead to false-negative results. The new production technology of the pads protects these from interference of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The most popular Analyticon dipstrips, Combi-Screen 5 + L and the Combi-Screen 11 SYS are now available from Ngaio in the new PLUS format.

Ngaio has been appointed distributor for Bioer Technology in New Zealand

May 2007

Ngaio Diagnostics are pleased to be appointed New Zealand Distributor for the Bioer Technology range of Thermal Cyclers, Shaking Incubator and Heating/Cooling Blocks. Bioer Technology makes high quality thermal cyclers with innovative features. They represent excellent value for the research laboratory. Bioer products are marketed in many countries under the Bioer name and also on an OEM basis. The range features the Little Genius, XP Cycler and Line-Gene Real Time PCR detection system.

Ngaio appointed as distributor for iNtRON Biotechnology

April 2007

Ngaio has been appointed exclusive distributor for iNtRON Biotechnology of Korea. iNtRON’s products add significantly to our molecular biology portfolio with high quality products at competitive prices.

Ngaio appointed New Zealand Distributor for Zymo Research

September 2006

Ngaio Diagnostics are very pleased to advise that they have been appointed NZ Distributors for Zymo Research of USA. Since 1994 Zymo Research Corporation has supplied researchers with innovative tools to make simple, rapid, ultra-pure nucleic acid purification possible. Zymo’s DNA Clean and Concentrator™ and Zymoclean™ product lines have set the industry standard for rapid DNA cleanup and concentration from liquid and agaroses gel samples.

Recently Zymo’s EZ DNA Methylation Kit™ has received significant attention from researchers requiring a precise and accurate tool for determining DNA methylation status.

Ngaio appointed Distributor for Rosco Diagnostica

September 2006

Ngaio appointed Distributor for Rosco Diagnostica Rosco Diagnostica are well recognised manufacturers of products for susceptibility testing and bacterial identification. Their Neo-Sensitabs ™ range has a wide range of susceptibility discs including more than 120 antibiotics and antifungals. Specialist discs for detection of ESBL’s etc are also available.

Neo-Sensitabs™ are manufactured by a dry process using crystalline antimicrobials leading to a very stable and homogeneous product. Discs are stored at room temperature and have long shelf life.

Bacterial Idenification products include Roscozym™, Staph-zym™ and Rosco Diatabs™. Roscozym™ is a 4-hour or overnight system for easy identification of Enterbacteriaceae. For more details on the Rosco product range please see

Ngaio appointed as distributor for Bio-Art SA/NV

May 2006

Bio-Art SA/NV develops, manufactures and distributes rapid diagnostic tests for the human healthcare sector and for industrial microbiology applications. (detection of food borne pathogens)

Ngaio and Remel part company

February 2006

Oxoid UK has made a decision to market the Remel range of products in New Zealand through Oxoid NZ. This means Ngaio will no longer be distributing Remel product. While Ngaio is disappointed at the ending of a long relationship with Remel and Alexon-Trend prior, we are excited by the opportunities this change offers. We are now free to select, products at least equivalent and in many cases superior to those previously offered from Remel. These new products are all competitively priced. Please see the our products section for full details of our new suppliers and business partners and contact us for further information.

Ngaio appointed as Distributor for Pro-Lab Diagnostics

November 2005

Ngaio Diagnostics appointed New Zealand Distributor for Pro-Lab Diagnostics. Ngaio is delighted to be able to offer the Prolex range of latex agglutination kits from Pro-Lab Diagnostics, especially the Prolex Blue Strep Typing Kit. This market leading kit features rapid extraction, rapid agglutination and excellent performance. Please contact us for full details of the Pro-Lab range.

Ngaio appointed Distributor for Techlab

November 2005

Ngaio Diagnostics is now exclusive Distributor for Techlab in New Zealand. Techlab develops, manufactures and distributes intestinal diagnostics worldwide. Of particular note are kits for Clostridium difficile toxins, Giardia and Cryptosporidium kits. Techlab also have a new kit Giardia/Cryptosporidium Chek that enables simultaneous screening of both Giardia and Cryptosporidium. This kit features monoclonal antibodies and is FDA registered and CE marked. Contact us for more information on the Techlab range.

Ngaio appointed Distributor for Sifin

October 2005

Ngaio Diagnostics has been appointed exclusive New Zealand Distributor for Sifin of Germany. Sifin manufacture a range of premium quality antisera for Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia and Coli diagnosis. These antisera are composed of a mixture of rabbit antisera and monoclonal antibodies, or solely of monoclonal antibodies. Test reagents which only contain monoclonal antibodies carry SIFIN’s product name Enteroclon.

Ngaio appointed Distributor for HiMedia Laboratories

October 2005

Ngaio Diagnostics announce that they are New Zealand Distributor for HiMedia Laboratories. HiMedia Laboratories produce an extensive range of Dehydrated Culture Media, as well as Bacterial ID Systems, Antibiotic Susceptibility Tests and general microbiology reagents.

Ngaio Diagnostics have moved

May 2005

We have moved but not far! Our new address is 81 Halifax Street East, Nelson. These premises give us much more room for office space, better stock storage facilities and room to grow. All contact details remain the same.

Paul Howe to join Ngaio Diagnostics

November 2004

Ngaio Diagnostics welcomes Paul Howe. Paul is a qualified Medical Laboratory Scientist with extensive experience in clinical and research laboratories in New Zealand and overseas and he will be a valuable addition to the Ngaio Team. Prior to joining Ngaio, Paul was Charge Scientist, Microbiology Department in Northland Pathology Laboratory, Whangarei, New Zealand.


Ngaio Diagnostics finalist in 2004 Commerce Nelson Business Awards

October 2004

Ngaio Diagnostics are delighted to again have been a finalist in the Large Business category of the 2004 Commerce Nelson Business Awards. Submitting an entry to the Awards is very important to Ngaio Diagnostics. It is an excellent opportunity to gain feedback from both our customers and suppliers.

Nelson Marlborough Health Services order 2 Combi-Scan 500 urine dip strip analysers

February 2004

NMHS has decided to replace 2 aging urine dip strip analysers with new Combi-Scan 500 instruments sourced from Ngaio Diagnostics. These are the first 2 new Combi-Scan 500’s to be installed in New Zealand. For more info on this new analyser, please click here.