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OptiGene Genie III

Molecular Detection at Point of Application

Hygiena BAX X5

Fast, accurate, easy to use.

For decades, food companies around the world have relied on the award-winning BAX® System for accurate, reliable pathogen detection. As part of your quality control system, the automated DNA-based test provides rapid results to help you make product release decisions with confidence, protecting your company and your brand.

Now, the BAX® System X5 handles up to 32 samples with the same performance, reliability and customer support you've come to trust. The BAX® System X5 uses the same advanced PCR technology to accurately and reliably identify foodborne pathogens in raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples.

Bioer Life ECO

Life ECO gene amplification instrument was released in 2013 following the Life Touch model offering a new cost-effective product.

GeneSig Q16

The worlds most affordable qPCR Instrument

Optigene Genie II

Genie® II is a compact, lightweight and robust instrument suitable for use in the field or laboratory.