Pipettes Products

Capp Bravo automatic pipette

Lightweight ergonomic design with the latest innovations in single channel pipettes, making it one of the most user friendly automatic pipettes on the market today.

Capp Controller Pipette

CappController is light and fatigue free: weighs only 167g, including the battery.

Capp Ecopipette – Innovative micropipette

This ergonomic and accurate pipette has a unique construction with detachable volume control knobs, enabling switching between a fixed and a variable volume pipette within the same pipettor unit.

Capp Fixed volume pipette – Multiple fixed volumes in one pipette

CappTrio fixed volume pipette is world's only fixed pipette with multiple interchangeable fixed volumes within one pipette unit!

Capp R10 Repeater Pipette

CappR10 repeater pipette has a highly user friendly vision panel, enabling you to easily choose the correct repeating pipette tip suitable for the desired volume and number of repetitive dispensings.

Capp Straw pipette – Ideal for pipetting viscous liquids

Capp Microbiology Pipette is an ideal straw pipette for viscous liquids.

CappAero Multichannel pipette 8- and 12-channel

CappAero multichannel pipette has a unique construction, ensuring extremely easy tip mounting and ejection.

CappAero384 Multichannel pipette for 384 well plate

CappAero384 is the ideal multichannel pipette for 384 well plate.

CappMaestro – Single channel electronic pipette

CappMaestro electronic single channel pipette is one of the most user friendly digital pipettes on the market.

CappRhythm Stepper Pipette

CappRhythm stepper pipette is an ideal basic repeating pipettor offering 45 dispensing volume options and covering the dispensing volumes from 1┬ÁL to 5mL.