Molecular Biology

Ngaio has a dedicated specialist of Molecular Biology that will work through your requirements to ensure the best product for the desired application is supplied. Our extensive range includes Zymo Researchs market leading portfolio, Procomcure taqs + enzymes, NGS reagents, liagse, transfection reagents, instrumentation and more.

Please do touch base and discuss your work with us.

Molecular Biology Products

Intron Products

A wide range of lab reagents including RedSafe

OptiGene Products

OptiGene offers a range of products to support and enhance your isothermal amplification protocols

PluriSelect Products

Supplier of products optimized for cell and protein separation for the research in the fields of immunology, basic science and diagnostics.

Bioo Scientific NGS Products

A complete portfolio of NGS library preparation kits and barcodes designed to increase the sensitivity, flexibility, and speed of library prep for the Illumina® and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms.

Enzynomics Products

Offering a wide range of molecular products and kits

ActGene Products

ACTGene delivers high quality life science products including Electrophoresis, Bioreagents and Antibiotics products as well as equipment.

Procomcure Products

Procomcure develops innovative, high-tech PCR reagents and technologies for a broad range of applications.

Zymo Research Products

Innovative tools to make simple, rapid, ultra-pure nucleic acid purification possible from a wide variety of samples. EZ DNA Methylation Kit™, a precise and accurate tool for determining DNA methylation status.

Gerbion Products

Gerbion provides molecular diagnostics solutions from sample to result.

Bioer Products

Bioer manufacturer market leading Thermal Cyclers, Real-time RCP Instruments & Nucleic Acid Extractors

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