Manufacturers of eazyplex®,  an amplification system and lyophilised reagents which offer an easy to use, competitively priced molecular detection platform for clinical diagnosis.

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Eazyplex® is a lyophilised ready to use amplification system. It can be stored direct at the workplace at room temperature.

Eazyplex® C. difficile

eazyplex® C. difficile

Eazyplex CSF direct

Eazyplex CSF direct

Eazyplex® CSF direct B

eazyplex® CSF direct B

Eazyplex® CSF direct V

Eazyplex® CSF direct V

Eazyplex® MRSA

eazyplex® MRSA

Eazyplex® SuperBug complete A

eazyplex® SuperBug complete A

Eazyplex® SuperBug complete B

eazyplex® SuperBug complete B

Eazyplex® SuperBug CRE

eazyplex® SuperBug CRE

Eazyplex® SuperBug mcr-1

eazyplex® SuperBug mcr-1

Eazyplex® VRE

eazyplex® VRE