OptiGene has developed innovative products that support sensitive and specific detection of bacteria and viruses for use in the fields of plant health, food safety, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and healthcare.

OptiGene Website: http://www.optigene.co.uk

OptiGene Products

Isothermal Master Mixes

This isothermal amplification mix allows fluorescence detection of the product on the GenieĀ® II platform but may also be used on generic qPCR instrumentation. An anneal curve can then be generated to confirm the product. This eliminates the need for gel electrophoresis or turbidity detection and allows for a closed-tube system.

Optigene Genie II

GenieĀ® II is a compact, lightweight and robust instrument suitable for use in the field or laboratory.

OptiGene Genie III

Molecular Detection at Point of Application