Primer Design

Primerdesign Ltd specialises in real-time PCR.

Primer Design were founded by experts in 2005 and have since grown a global reputation as the best place in the World to purchase qPCR kits and reagents.

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Primer Design Products

Customised qPCR Assay

Primer Design can develop your assay specific to your requirements

GeneSig Brettanomyces Kit

The new standard for Brettanomyces Testing

GeneSig Q16

The worlds most affordable qPCR Instrument

Hop Resistant Lactobacillus and Pediococcus Species

Genesig Easy kit for hop resistant Lactobacillus and Pediococcus species

Over 450+ qPCR Assays by Primer Design

Over 450+ qPCR assays to suit your requirements.


Genesig Easy kit for Pectinatus genus


genesig Easy kit for Pediococcus genus

Primer Design - American Foulbrood qPCR

qPCR assay for detection of American Foulbrood Diease

Primer Design - Custom Design Assay

Primer Design will design any assay on your request

Primer Design Mycoplasma Bovis qPCR

qPCR assay for Mycoplasma Bovis

Primer Design Products

Primer Design can provide everything needed to carry out research using real-time PCR to the very highest standards.
Largest range of real-time PCR assays on the market.