Trovan, Ltd. is a privately held United Kingdom company. Established in 1988, the company develops and markets radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, telemetric systems and delivery technologies.

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Trovan Products

Trovan - Animal Implantable Transponder with Canula

Animal Implantable Transponder with Canula

Trovan - GR-251 High Performance Portable Reader MULTI

Rugged, ergonomic high power FDX-B reader

Trovan - LID-575ISO Midrange Reader

Trovans mid-range FDX-B encoded reader

Trovan - Pocket Readers

Trovans smallest reader for reading FDX-B microchips

Trovan - VetPlant Midi Microchip 8mm

ID-162VB/1.4 Animal Mini Transponder in VetPlant Implanter FDX-B ISO 11784/85