Our Suppliers

The team at Ngaio is dedicated to supplying you with quality products and solutions. We represent some of the world’s leading, established manufacturers so you have easy access to the best the world has to offer. Whenever possible Ngaio deals directly with the manufacturers of the products we market.

All Test

All Test manufactures a wide range of rapid Point Of Care tests including New Zealand standards verified drug tests


As an innovator in reagents and tools, Abcam’s purpose is to serve life science researchers globally to achieve their mission, faster. Providing tools and scientific support, Abcam offers highly validated antibodies, assays, proteins and cell lines/lysates to address important targets in critical biological pathways.


ACTGene strives in manufacturing excellence by delivering high quality life science products into the hands of our laboratory scientists worldwide.


Agdia has been a leading provider of plant pathogen diagnostics since 1981. Today they offer the most comprehensive and trusted portfolio of plant pathogen and GMO testing solutions around the world.

Agdia offer a wide range of testing technologies, products and services that are aimed at providing our clients with the confidence they need to make more educated and informed plant health management decisions.


Manufacturers of eazyplex®,  an amplification system and lyophilised reagents which offer an easy to use, competitively priced molecular detection platform for clinical diagnosis.

Anacyte Laboratories

Makers of CellCover, which stabilizes cells in suspension, biopsies, or tissue without cell lysis, keeping cells close to in vivo morphology.


A wide range of urine dip strips. Readers, suitable for both high and low volumes for urine dip strips. Clinical chemistry reagents, calibrators and controls.

Applied Spectral Imaging

ASIs goal is to improve patient care with advanced biomedical imaging. They have developed novel diagnostic solutions for the clinical and research communities, providing outstanding clinical value and user experience, tailored to fit all laboratory needs.

Bio-X Diagnostics

Bio-X Diagnostics specialises in the development, production and sale of reagents and veterinary diagnostic kits for the detection of diseases in farm animals.

These include bovine, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and fish.

Bioer Technology

Thermal Cyclers including Real Time, Shaking Incubator and Heating/Cooling Blocks.


BioGX develops molecular products and provides partner-specified formulation and manufacturing services for molecular reagents on a platform of a partner’s choice. The Sample-Ready technology is at the core of all product offerings for Clinical, Food Safety, Pharma and Water Quality analysis.


A range of premium diagnostics tests including InPouch™ TV, InTray™ Colorex Yeast, InTray™ Colorex Bacteria and InTray™ GC.


iVYDAL In Vitro Diagnostics® has products for the diagnosis and management of celiac disease. They detect Gluten Immunogenic Peptides and allow gluten-free diet monitoring.


Biomedica provides scientists and healthcare professionals with tests that enable discoveries, further understanding of diseases, support the translation of research into diagnostics, and, in the case of CE marked products, assist in the diagnosis of pathologies.

Bioo Scientific

Bioo Scientific (a PerkinElmer Company) is a rapidly expanding biotech company located in Austin, Texas.


BIOREBA, based in Switzerland, produce market leading kits and reagents for plant virus diagnostics including market leading Vineyard testing products.


BÜHLMANN is the leading calprotectin company, offering the broadest calprotectin product range on the market. Buhlmann are also specialists in specific Cellular Allergy, Neuroimmunology, and Clinical Chemistry products.

BioLytical Laboratories

bioLytical empowers clinicians and the public to make informed health decisions, faster. Combining made-in-Canada quality with a global focus, bioLytical is a leader in the field of rapid in vitro medical diagnostics.


Capp stands synonymous to the word “innovation” in the Pipette Industry. Every decade has seen Capp contributing towards the expedition of innovation in the laboratory world by offering products with advanced designs to increase efficiency at laboratory workflow.


CertaBlue is part of MCS Diagnostics BV based in the Netherlands.

Coris BioConcept

Cost effective, rapid immunochromatographic tests for diagnosis of pathogens. Enteric kits and respiratory kits available. Also enteric diagnostics for veterinary applications.


Dako, a division of Agilent, produce high-quality diagnostic antibodies, reagents, instruments, software and with expertise to help hospitals and research labs make accurate tissue-based cancer diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients.

Detact Diagnostics

Detact Diagnostics™, founded in 2014, developed a novel and disruptive bacterial detection platform/technique (and patented is) that is truly innovative, highly sensitive, specific and fast (seconds – minutes) that lends itself to application development in healthcare and food.


Enzynomics produce over 150 high purity enzymes, consisting of approximately 100 restriction endonucleases, 10 DNA polymerases and 40 modifying enzymes. They also manufacture a number of kits for cloning, mutagenesis and diagnostic PCR.


Freund developed the first Japanese-produced electric resistance water activity meter in 1983 and is now a leading global company in the field.


GenDx is a leader in the field of high-resolution HLA typing and related molecular diagnostic testing. GenDX develop and market innovative diagnostic tests, software, services and educational products in close collaboration with renowned business partners.


Gerbion provides molecular diagnostics solutions from sample to result in infectious disease testing. Gerbion nucleic acid extraction kits can be used for a broad range of sample materials. Their real time PCR and real time RT-PCR kits contain all of the reagents in ready-to-use mixes.

Hi Media Laboratories

HiMedia Laboratories manufacture a wide range of products for microbiology. Products include dehydrated culture media, prepared media, chromogenic media, bacterial ID systems, antibiotic susceptibility test discs, differentiation discs and transport swabs.


Albagaia Ltd. is an environmental technology business specializing in industrial applications. The company is the producer of a breakthrough technology for the rapid detection of Legionella. The Hydrosense Legionella test provides results within 25 minutes and is the only Legionella test that can be performed on-site. It requires no training or experience.


Hygiena is a microbiology and life science company with over 30 years of experience in developing rapid solutions for the food & beverage, healthcare and life science industries.


ScreenFect have developed new patented technologies and are rapidly expanding their repertoire of novel chemicals and reagents for the transfection of diverse cells.

Innovex Biosciences

Innovex BioSciences is an innovate supplier of histology focussed products made in the USA. With a history dating back to 1993 Innovex BioSciences products are ones which can be trusted to perform.


iNtRON Biotechnology

A range of molecular biology products including RedSafe


Merck MC Media Sheet are a ready-to-use dry sheet medium with self-diffusible non-woven fabric manufactured in Japan. Easy operation, accurate and easy to read results, cost effective.

KDx Diagnostics

KDx work endlessly to achieve the highest sensitivity and specificity bladder cancer test on the market. KDx URO17™  is this test which is offers unmatched performance as well as being both inexpensive and non-invasive.

Linkseas Trading Company

Calibrated nichrome inoculating loops (Bactiloops). Calibrated nichrome inoculating loops with light weight alloy handles (Bactistreakers).

Microgen Bioproducts

A range of quality microbiology products including Bacterial Identification Systems, Rapid Culture Confirmation assays and the new Path-Chek rapid method for detection of potential pathogens from surfaces.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company

AnaeroPack™ System. Water free. Catalyst free. The complete atmospheric gas generating system for microbiology. Sole authorised distributor for New Zealand.

Ngaio Diagnostics

Ngaio – supplier of leading diagnostic, food, molecular and veterinarian solutions.


OptiGene has developed innovative products that support sensitive and specific detection of bacteria and viruses for use in the fields of plant health, food safety, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and healthcare.


A leading manufacturer in the field of Point Of Care testing with an international reputation for innovative rapid tests.


PluriSelect is a German biotech company that produces cell and protein separation systems for research & development as well as for diagnostics.

Primer Design

Primerdesign Ltd specialises in real-time PCR.

Primer Design were founded by experts in 2005 and have since grown a global reputation as the best place in the World to purchase qPCR kits and reagents.

Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Pro-Lab Diagnostics manufacture the market leading Prolex™ rapid latex agglutination systems including Prolex Blue Strep, Prolex Staph and Prolex E.coli 0157. Pro-Lab also manufacture the Microbank™ Bacterial Preservation System, Legionella Direct Detection and Identification Reagents and other products for microbiology.


Procomcure Biotech is an ambitious biotech corporation located in Thalgau, Austria. Procomcure develops innovative, high-tech PCR reagents and technologies for a broad range of applications.


Rayto manufacture quality clinical laboratory and food science instrumentation including automated Microplate Washers and Microplate Readers.

Sapphire Scientific Plastics

Sapphire Scientific Plastics is an Australian based manufacturer of high quality plastic laboratory consumables.

Based in Brisbane, Australia – Sapphire Scientific Plastics is specialised in the manufacture of high quality PCR products. We currently supply a range of products for use in the Corbett/Qiagen RotorGene instrument, as well as other PCR plate format instruments.

Savyon Diagnostics

Specialising in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of diagnostic kits for infections and genetic diseases. Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Bordatella Pertussis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

SDI Diagnostics

SDI is an American manufacturer and supplier – now the largest independent supplier of spirometers and supplies.


A wide range of antisera for Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia and Coli diagnosis. Test reagents are composed of a mixture of rabbit antisera and monoclonals or solely of monoclonals. Sifin also supply Blood Grouping reagents, Culture Media, Additives and Supplements.

Solus Scientific

Solus Scientific was formed in 2009 and has since established itself as a leading supplier of pathogen tests and automated testing equipment for the food industry.


StatLab is a leading developer and manufacturer of cost- effective histology, cytology and immunohistochemistry diagnostic supplies.

TechLab Inc

TECHLAB® designs, develops, and manufactures enteric diagnostics that are distributed worldwide. Techlab has ISO 13485 certification and MDSAP, and FDA registration.


Trovan, Ltd. is a privately held United Kingdom company. Established in 1988, the company develops and markets radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, telemetric systems and delivery technologies.

VetAll Laboratories

VetAll Laboratories is a leader in the field of animal diagnostic health. The primary business focus is on companion animal health.


Rapid immunochromatographic diagnostic for Faecal Occult Blood utilising a monoclonal antibody for human haemoglobin.


ZEUTEC  develop and produce specialized spectrometer systems.

Zeutecs product range of spectrometers and accessories covers NearInfrared (NIR) analyzers for routine production and laboratory applications with a multitude of accessories for the sample conditioning and presentation. Dedicated analytical solutions are available for agricultural, food, feed and other industrial applications.

Zymo Research

Innovative tools to make simple, rapid, ultra-pure nucleic acid purification possible from a wide variety of samples. EZ DNA Methylation Kit™, a precise and accurate tool for determining DNA methylation status.