Food, Drink & Feed

Our specialist suppliers produce an extensive range of products including environmental and food microbiological testing kits, allergen testing kits, bacterial ID kits and culture media. Talk to us about your requirements and we will be able to assist.

Hygiena MicroSnap offers same day quantitative microbiology analysis of EColi, Coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae and Total Viable Count. This technology is unique and the only test system on the market that can provide same day results. Use this technology to replace or supplement existing laboratory testing.

Listeria and Salmonella screening tests provide an in-house solution that can significantly reduce your laboratory testing costs without compromising quality. Ngaio has a range of screening tests which will suit your requirements.

Ngaio also offer a full range of allergen testing products. We think Hygiena AllerFlow Gluten is the most simple and easy to perform test on the market. We can also have an in-house Gluten test with sensitivity as low as 3ppm and that are fully validated for analysis of food samples.

For laboratories Hygiena offers a range of Bacteria ID Kits, Culture Media and equipment.


Food, Drink & Feed Products

An extensive range of Allergen testing kits to suit your requirements
Environmental Testing
Unmatched solutions for in-house environmental sampling and analysis
Food and Beverage Testing
Unmatched solutions for laboratory and in-house food and water sampling and analysis
Food / Beverage Chemistry
Market leading Zeutec SpectraAlyzer systems for all food analysis requirements
Water Activity Instruments
Water Activity Instruments
Molecular Pathogen Identification
A extensive range of PCR and LAMP assay, as well as instruments.
Fermentation Testing
Molecular testing for detection of spoilage organisms in both the beer and wine industries
Real-time Microbiology Testing
Rapid testing systems save time and money and allow greater productivity of your microbiology lab ! Time to results is significantly reduced enabling a much earlier release of manufactured products.
A unique range of market leading products specific to the study of all aspects of wine from market leading producers.
Bacterial ID Analysis
World leading solutions for bacterial identification
Culture Media
An extensive range of Culture Media testing kits to suit your requirements
Anaerobic Generators and Jars
A full range of Gas Generators and Jars to suit your requirements
Sampling Devices
Various methods to suit your surface and liquid sampling requirements
Instruments and Hardware
A wide range of instruments from world leading manufacturers
Mycotoxin Analysis
A range of tests for various Mycotoxin analysis
Drug and Hormone Analysis
A range of tests for various Drug and Hormone Analysis
Histamine, Pesticide & Other Contaminant Analysis
A range of tests for various Histamine & Other Contaminant Analysis