Latex Agglutination Tests

Latex Agglutination Products

Microgen EColi 0157 Latex

Microgen® E. coli 0157 - A rapid latex slide agglutination test for identifying E. coli 0157 grown on selective medium.

Ngaio Campylobacter Latex

Ngaio Campylobacter - Rapid and simple latex test for the confirmation of enteropathogenic Campylobacters grown in enrichment broths or selective plates.

Microgen Listeria Latex

Microgen® Listeria - a rapid slide latex test for the identification of motile Listeria spp. On solid selective media.

Microgen Salmonella Latex

Microgen® Salmonella - A rapid, latex slide agglutination test for the presumptive identification of Salmonella in selective and/or enrichment cultures or isolates taken directly from selective agars.