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CYBERTONGUE® can measure a range of low-level components directly in complex liquid samples. The first commercial application is measuring AprX protease in raw milk. Follow up tests will include bacillus proteases, plasmin and trace lactose. CYBERTONGUE® delivers results in minutes for analyses that currently take days to complete.

BioX Rapid Veterinary Tests

A large range of rapid tests for veterinary use

Ngaio AxCCS-5 Rapid Calf Scour Test Kit

Calf Scour Kit for use on farm generating results in minutes

Primer Design – Custom Design Assay

Primer Design will design any assay on your request

Primer Design Mycoplasma Bovis qPCR

qPCR assay for Mycoplasma Bovis

GeneSig Q16

The worlds most affordable qPCR Instrument