Hygiena 5-in-1 Water Test

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Even in the best of cases, poor water quality can take its toll on the pipes and fixtures in your home or business. Some of the common contaminants work against each other, undermining the quality of your tap water. Testing your water supply as it comes out of your tap can help you address problems that can be attributed to your own pipes and appliances. Some common chemicals you might find in your tap water are Nitrates, Nitrites and Chlorine. Testing your water for hardness and pH level can help you keep your water healthy.

5-in-1 test strips will help you monitor water quality.  These simple test strips are able to detect the five top risks in your water supply: nitrates, nitrites, hardness, chlorine, and pH level. The 5-in-1 strips take less than 2 minutes and provide easy-to-read colorimetric results.

No set-up, equipment, or fussy storage: the 5-in-1 Water Test is easy, fast and accurate.

Highly recommended for testing:

  • Fruits and vegetables rinse water
  • Rinse water from food production
  • For beverages producers (beer, juices, soft drinks, etc.)
  • Tap water
  • Producers and suppliers of RO (reverse osmosis) water
  • Well / borehole water
  • Fish farms
  • Farms and hydroponics cultures
  • Swimming pools
  • Aquariums

Test Sensitivity

Parameter Determination Range Sensitivity/Accuracy
Nitrates (NO3-) 10 mg/l –≥ 250 mg/l 0.5 mg/l
Nitrites (NO2-) 0.5 mg/l –≥ 10 mg/l 0.5 mg/l
Total hardness 4°d–16°d (1°d = 0.3566 mg-eq/l) 4°d (1.5 mg-equivalent/liter)
Free Chlorine 1 mg/l – 20 mg/l 1 mg/l
pH 5–9 pH units 0.5 pH units