Bioreba – ELISA Tests for Grapevine Pathogens

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BioReba ELISA reagents for the detection of grapevine viruses are provided in the convenient double antibody sandwich procedure (DAS-ELISA) for a working volume of 0.2 ml per well. They are offered either as «Complete kits», «Reagent sets» or «Individual reagents» in different sizes.

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The following ELISA reagents are available:
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ELISA Tests for Grapevine Pathogens
GLRaV-1 Grapevine leafroll-assoc. virus 1
GLRaV-1+3 Grapevine leafroll-assoc. virus 1+3
GLRaV-2 Grapevine leafroll-assoc. virus 2
GLRaV-3 Grapevine leafroll-assoc. virus 3
GLRaV-4 strains Grapevine leafroll-assoc. virus generic 4 strains
GLRaV-4 strain 6 Grapevine leafroll-assoc. virus 4 strain 6
Vitivirus GVA Grapevine virus A
Maculavirus GFkV Grapevine fleck virus


ArMV Arabis mosaic virus
GFLV Grapevine fanleaf virus
ArMV+GFLV Arabis mosaic virus + Grapevine fanleaf virus
RpRSV-ch Raspberry ringspot virus-ch
RpRSV-g Raspberry ringspot virus-g
TBRV Tomato black ring virus
TRSV Tobacco ringspot virus
ToRSV Tomato ringspot virus
ToRSV-Ch Tomato ringspot virus-Ch
SLRSV Strawberry latent ringspot virus
GPGV Grapevine pinot gris virus

The ELISA technique is an efficient method for the detection of these viruses in grapevine. However, the virus concentration varies considerably according to the tissue source, the meteorological conditions and thus, the time of the season. These facts have to be considered for obtaining reliable test results.