CappRondo Clinical Centrifuge

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CappRondo clinical centrifuge is a powerful blood separation centrifuge, providing 6500 rpm, corresponding to the centrifugation force of 3.873g. CappRondo clinical centrifuge has a rotor capacity for eight 15mL tubes, though smaller tubes like 1.5mL, 2mL, 5mL, 7mL and 10mL can also be used with Capp centrifuge for blood separation, thanks to the additional adaptors provided with the instrument. CappRondo clinical centrifuge is fully compatible with the majority of standard collection tubes. CappRondo blood separation centrifuge will surprise you with its quiet operation. The noise level of Capp clinical centrifuge has been reduced to less than 60 dB. The large digital display of Capp clinical centrifuge shows you the current speed and time settings. The speed setting of Capp blood separation centrifuge is highly precise, starting from 500 up to 6500 rpm with 100 rpm increments.

CappRondo clinical centrifuge is equipped with a brushless DC motor, maintenance free and absolutely perfect for long runs. User safety has been in focus by designing Capp centrifuge for blood separation. The safety brake system of Capp clinical centrifuge prevents the lid from accidental opening until the rotor stops completely. CappRondo blood separation centrifuge is a compact and reliable centrifuge ideal for blood centrifugation applications involving volumes below 15mL. It stands out on its category for having great features that allow a reliable performance, ease of use and safety. The imbalance detection function of CappRondo clinical centrifuge will notify you when the tubes have been loaded unevenly. Try Capp centrifuge for blood separation along with BluCapp 15mL tubes or smaller Expell centrifuge tubes.