CappRondo Microplate Shaker

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CappRondo microplate shaker is the ideal choice for any test environment. The footprint of CappRondo microplate shaker is as small as the 96 well plate itself, taking as less benchtop space as only necessary. Capp microtiter plate shaker has orbital motion and adjustable speed, going up to 1800 rpm. Thanks to the interchangeable clamps, being delivered with the instrument, CappRondo microplate shaker has an universal fit for all commonly used micro- and microtiter plates. Moreover, Capp orbital plate shaker ensures extremely easy plate loading. Capp microtiter plate shaker provides stable, quiet and long life operation. On the top of that, it comes with a compact platform for 20 microtubes of 1.5 / 2mL. The wide speed setting range of Capp microplate shaker, starting from 300 up to 1800 rpm, as well as the orbital motion of 2mm (1mm radius), enables performing of numerous applications including PCR, ELISA, enzyme immunoassays, protein synthesis and pharmaceutical profiling. Vortexing motion thoroughly mixes each well. Capp orbital plate shaker can also be used inside cold rooms or fume hoods (up to 40C).