CappRondo Swing Out Centrifuge

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CappRondo clinical centrifuge has 3 optional rotors: two fixed angle rotors for 8x15mL or 16x10mL tubes and a swing-out rotor with the capacity of 6x10mL tubes. This swing out centrifuge operates at a variable speed ranging from 500 to 4.000 RPM, corresponding to 2.270g. The speed can be set up with intervals of 10 RPM.

As the majority of CappRondo instruments, Capp swing out centrifuge is equipped with a robust brushless DC motor, ideally suited for extended runs and providing maintenance free, long lasting and quiet operation.

Having user safety in focus, Capp swing out rotor centrifuge is equipped with a safety lid brake, preventing the lid from opening under operation. Capp swing out rotor centrifuge has a compact design and low loading height, enabling easy and efficient operation.

Up to 99 individual protocols can be saved on Capp swing out centrifuge. A single touch on the operational panel gives you access to the short spin function. Capp swing out centrifuge is supplied with multiple tube adaptors for 2mL, 3mL, 4mL, 6mL and 9mL tubes.