Cell Counting

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Fluidlab R-300 | Cell Counter & Spectrometer

Combining a full-fledged spectrometer with an automated cell counter, a variety of analyses such as absorbance, scatterlight and time-series measurements, automated cell counting and staining-free viability measurements can be performed.

The anvajo fluidlab R-300 combines two central laboratory technologies:
1. Spectrometry and
2. Cell Counting in one portable device.

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The anvajo fluidlab R-300 can be used with standard cuvettes as well as anvajo sample carriers for a broard range of applications.

Cell Counter
Label-free viability measurements via holographic microscopy
Large FoV for high statistical significance
Small sample volume needed (4-20 ┬Ál)

Full spectral graphs recorded from 375 to 700 nm
No maintenance and re-calibration needed

Portable and small

HEK293T – Human Embryonic Kidney Cells