Solus Meat Species Identification

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Solus supply a range of immunoassays designed to determine the authenticity and adulteration of raw meat for food manufacturers and contract testing laboratories.

Available in both ELISA and rapid flow through formats, these tests allow food manufacturers to determine suitable testing schedules using a combination of immunoassay laboratory testing and rapid on site testing.

Often, production sites routinely use the flow through tests and then send samples for testing if positive results are obtained or if a problem is suspected.


The Solus Raw Meat Flow Through Test (RMFT) is quick and simple, taking just 12 minutes to complete. Perfect for on site testing, the test can be used for raw materials and finished product testing.

  • Available for single species beef, horse, pork, sheep and poultry
  • Easy to use, single cartridge device
  • Can be performed without laboratory equipment or expertise
  • Rapid results in less than 15 minutes
  • Detection limit 1%
  • Validated using recognised reference material