We offer test kits that rapidly measure the chemical properties of liquids and other samples. Our goal is to facilitate our customers in the workplace or at home. We know that the reason our customers keep coming back is because we strive to solve their problems and make sure that we support their goals and objectives.

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Water Testing Chlorine Paper (10 - 200ppm)

Restaurant Sanitizer Chlorine Test Paper, 10-200 ppm [Vial of 100 Paper Strips]

Water Testing Free Chlorine (0 – 1000ppm)

Designed for Cruises, Daycares, and Senior Homes for Sanitizing and Disinfecting [Vial of 100 Strips]

Water Testing Free Chlorine (0 - 10ppm)

Residual Low Level Free Chlorine Test Strip 0-10 ppm [Vial of 50 Plastic Strips]

Chlorine Sanitizer Test Strips 0-300 ppm

Restaurant Chlorine Sanitizer Plastic Test Strips, 0-300 ppm [Moisture Wicking Vial of 100 Strips]

Free Sulfite Test Strips (10-500 ppm)

Free Sulfite Test Strips, 10-500 ppm [Vial of 50 Plastic Strips]

pH 1-14 Wide Range Test Strips

pH 1-14 Wide Range Test Strips [Moisture-Proof Vial of 100 Strips]

Restaurant Sanitizer Test Quaternary Ammonium

Restaurant Quaternary Ammonium (QAC, Multi Quat) Sanitizer Test Paper, 0-400 ppm [5 Meter Roll]