Bio-X Diagnostics

Bio-X Diagnostics specialises in the development, production and sale of reagents and veterinary diagnostic kits for the detection of diseases in farm animals.

These include bovine, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and fish.

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Bio-X Diagnostics Products

BioX MonoScreen AbELISA Kits

An extensive range of ELISA kits for the veterinary industry

BioX Multiscreen AgELISA Kits

Multiscreen AbELISA bovine Respiratory, bovine Abortion, Calf Digestive, Piglet Digestive, Calf precolostral, VHSV-IHNV, Enterotoxemia, bovine Respiratory

BioX Rapid Scour Diagnostic Kits

Rainbow Lamb & Kid Scours, Rainbow Piglet Scours

BioX Rapid Veterinary Tests

A large range of rapid tests for veterinary use