Capp Fixed volume pipette – Multiple fixed volumes in one pipette

SKU: C 10/100/1000
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CappTrio fixed volume pipette is world’s only fixed pipette with multiple interchangeable fixed volumes within one pipette unit! The volume mechanism of this fixed pipette is placed in the small, detachable volume knob on the top of the pipette. CappTrio fixed volume pipettes come with 3 fixed volume knobs, allowing you to easily switch from one fixed volume to the other by simply removing the volume knob and putting the other one onto the pipette. CappTrio fixed volume micropipette is ideal for routine work. All Capp fixed volume micropipettes are fully autoclavable expect for the detachable volume knobs. You can easily clean them with commonly used cleaning and disinfection agents.

CappTrio fixed volume micropipettes are also available in customized volumes. Additionally each Capp fixed volume pipette can be easily upgraded to a variable volume pipette, simply by puttingĀ the variable volume knob onto the pipette. Having bought CappTrio fixed volume pipette, you can always order additional variable volume knobs with Capp.

Experience Capp quick volume switch: 3 fixed pipettes in 1!