Capp R10 Repeater Pipette

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CappR10 repeater pipette has a highly user friendly vision panel, enabling you to easily choose the correct repeating pipette tip suitable for the desired volume and number of repetitive dispensings. The dosing table of the vision panel shows all dosing possibilities at a glance. Simultaneously, R10 repeater pipettor gives you the ultimate flexibility: 12 tip sizes, 10 volume adjustments and 120 program steps. Capp R10 repeater pipette is handy and perfectly ergonomic, enabling you one handed operation of volume selection, loading and dispensing of liquids. Using a repeating pipette couldn’t be more convenient: the easy-moving dosing button in combination with the low weight of the instrument makes long dosing series most comfortable. Capp R10 repeater pipettor is compatible not only with CappHarmony repeater pipette syringes but also with repeater pipette tips of many common brands. Reliable & maintenance-free due to its robust design, Capp R10 repeating pipette is highly resistant towards a broad range of chemicals. CappR10 repeater pipette offers reliable ergonomics for your lab routine without sacrificing ultimate precision,