Capp Straw pipette – Ideal for pipetting viscous liquids

SKU: C1000 1BS
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Capp Microbiology Pipette is an ideal straw pipette for viscous liquids. Perfect for microbiology tests in the food industry, Capp microbiology pipette is supplied with three fixed volume knobs at 100µl, 900µl and 1000µl and has a modified tip cone suited for use with a sterile extended length straw. With Capp straw pipette, you will be able to easily reach and pipette viscous liquids such as milk, cream, yoghurt and cosmetics. Contact us for a free trial pipette and experience yourself how to pipette viscous liquids effortlessly and precisely. Protocols involving dilution of 1:10 will be done easily with Capp microbiology pipette. Except for the detachable fixed volume knobs, Capp straw pipette is fully autoclavable and requires no disassembly before autoclaving.