CappTronic – Electronic multichannel pipette

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CappTronic electronic multichannel pipette is one of the easiest multichannel electronic pipettes to set up and use, available on the market. Having only a one-side programming manual, making yourself familiar with the functions of Capp multichannel electronic pipette is a matter of minutes. Apart from standard pipetting, you can choose between the most widely used pipetting modes including reverse pipetting, multi dispensing, mixing and sequential dispensing. Up to nine individual protocols can be stored in the Capp electronic multichannel pipette thanks to the extensive memory capacity. Supplied with one long-life and easily exchangeable lithium battery, the Capp electronic multichannel pipette allows for uninterrupted pipetting without the need to stop work in order to recharge. The O-rings on the tip bases provide an excellent fit with a great variety of universal fitting tips.