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CYBERTONGUE® can measure a range of low-level components directly in complex liquid samples. The first commercial application is measuring AprX protease in raw milk. Follow up tests will include bacillus proteases, plasmin and trace lactose. We are also developing future tests for food allergens and other critical analytes. CYBERTONGUE® delivers results in minutes for analyses that currently take days to complete.

The technology is powered by ultrasensitive and specific protein-based biosensors. PPB Technology combines building blocks from nature and engineers them for accuracy and sensitivity. All tests are read on the same CYBERTONGUE® device, which makes running and interpreting tests a breeze.

PPB Technology’s CYBERTONGUE® Technology platform is protected by five patent families – granted and pending. PPB Tech welcomes inquiries from potential collaborators who wish to make use of this new diagnostic platform.


Shelf-life failures of UHT milk, due to traces of bacterial protease “AprX” surviving heat treatment, remain a sporadic but serious problem for milk processors.

PPB Tech has developed the first practical solution to screen out raw milk containing high levels of AprX and detect problems that may develop in the factory. Our CYBERTONGUE® on-site solution is now available for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

The test is easy to use and we provide the information customers need to interpret their results. And this is just the first of many on-site CYBERTONGUE® tests that will give you Laboratory Quality Results in Minutes.