MGC Pack MicroAero

SKU: MG 103, MG 104
Supplier: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (view all products)

Gas concentration change by Anaero Pack-MicroAero

O2 concentration 6-12%, CO2 concentration 5-8%. Creates microaerophilic atmosphere within 1 hour!

O2: Maintains 6-12% which is suitable for cultivation
Microaerophiles such as Campylobacter, Helicobacter will easily become extinct at 15% or higher oxygen concentration. And if less than 5%, their colony size will become smaller. Pack-MicroAero absorbs O2 inside the container quickly and its concentration will become 6-12% within 1 hour. So microaerophiles will grow smoothly.
Anaero Pack2
CO2 : Less than 10% which may not affect pH
Carbon dioxide concentration which needs to cultivate microaerophiles is more than 5%. Higher CO2 does not make much difference for cultivation results. On the contrary, dissolved CO2 might lower pH of the media and have a bad influence on the susceptibility test of some antibiotics. Pack-MicroAero will prevent this by keeping CO2 concentration about 5-8%.

Available in 2.5 and 7L sizes