Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company

AnaeroPack™ System. Water free. Catalyst free. The complete atmospheric gas generating system for microbiology. Sole authorised distributor for New Zealand.

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MGC Pack Anaero

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack-Anaero is used for cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms without the addition of water or use of a catalyst.

MGC Pack CO2

For the cultivation at approximately 5% of CO2
Will support the growth of Hemophilus spp. and Neisseria species

MGC Pack MicroAero

Mitsubishi MicroAero is used for cultivation of microaerophilic microorganisms such as Campylobacter jejuni and Helicobacter pylori without the addition of water.

MGC Pouch Anaero

AnaeroPouch systems are atmospheric gas generating systems for microbiology.

MGC Retangular Jars

Optimal atmospheric environmental generators for enhanced growth

MGC Zip Pouch

For use with small sample volumes requiring atmospheric environmental generation